Friday, July 29, 2011

Extreme Frugaling San Antonio Edition

So in the spirit of saving, I decided to post some of my favorite recent finds on Craigslist for any San Antonians (or surrounding area ppl) who are looking for a deal.

Geometric king headboard- $20!

It totally reminds me of the West Elm window headboard which retails at $299.00 for a King. It just needs a fresh coat of paint and a gorgeous duvet.

Are you seeing it now?

Next is this wingback sofa for $40!! I know the picture isn't great but I can only imagine the potential! And just for anyone interested, I already texted the seller and he said it is about 7 ft long and very sturdy. Unfortunately for me it is too long as I was hoping for a loveseat sized sofa for my office :( Bummer.
Although, I am still debtating about getting it to have reupholstered for my living room but we are already have living room sofas and I don't think Lucas will go for me just keeping it in the garage for a future  house :(

Okay here's how I see this sofa after being reupholstered.

img source

Swoon. Is it wrong to hoard furniture? I am now thinking I am in love w/this couch! Anyone know how much it would cost to upholster a piece like this?

White armoire $50


Again, not the greatest pictures, but how adorable is this armoire w/the little feet? And it looks like it could hold a small TV or you could remove the shelf and put in a bar to hang clothes in a children's room. I could see this in a little girl's room crammed full of princess dresses. 

So there you have it. Hope you are inspired to look at the potential in second hand pieces. Now go forth and be frugal!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thriftaholic for Life!

I have to share my amazing finds this week from Goodwill. Usually I stop by goodwill several times a week during my lunch break at work. It's close, convenient, and I am addicted to thrifting so what more can I say?

Here's how my last visit went. I was making a beeline for the furniture section and passing the clothing area on my left when I saw a pair of shorts sticking out like someone had tried to jam the hanger back on the rack but didn't quite accomplish that. They were adorable, fit like a dream, and I'm pretty sure I heard birds singing in the background...........Okay here's what really happened. They were a perfect fit, buuutttt, they wouldn't quite button up. But after some wheezing, gasping, and gut sucking in, I got them to close! And THEN they fit like a dream :) But here's the thing, the longer I wear them the more comfortable they get, so I think they just needed to be broken in a little. And to be honest the only reason they were a little snug is because the shorts are low-waisted so they sit on my hips vs my waist. But let's be honest, how many of you guys have to do some serious breathing techniques to get your jeans on? I can't be the only one :)

Okay but this post is not about miracle jean shorts that fit better the longer I wear them :)  This is about finding uhhh-mazing deals that will blow your mind. Here's a breakdown of what I purchased at Goodwill:

  • miracle jean shorts
  • decorative shoe box (w/the metal label holder)
  • 2 framed and matted prints

How cute are these? Found them for my best friend's nursery.

Now first of all, Goodwill does not label prices on most clothing because there is a huge sign hanging from the ceiling that lists the prices. In this case, shorts, skirts and bottoms are priced at $2.99. The decorate shoe box had a price sticker of 49¢ and the 2 framed pictures were unmarked. Ughh. I know nice framed pictures can go for about $4-5 each and these were brand new with remnants from the original store price sticker on the glass. From experience I know Goodwill tends to price brand new merchandise closer towards retail cost.'s where it pays to be friendly to the Goodwill employees. José, who has rang up my purchases ony my last few visits, was at the counter when I got there. Thank goodness! I don't know what kind of senior discount, blue-tag special he was running but he glances at the pictures and says, “How about 49¢?” This is where I start stammering, flinging my money at him and trying to grab my goods before the Goodwill police realize I am practically stealing from them and have me thrown in Goodwill prison.

So yes, I know you may not believe it, (I have checked my receipt countless times) but somehow I walked out of that store paying a grand total of $2.13!! That's right, I paid 49¢ for each item. And that, my friends, is why I am addicted to thrifting. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Craigslist Economics

One month later and I am back! Sorry for the hiatus. I really need to buckle down and post more regularly like Bethany at My Life in Words :)  So here's what I've been doing the past month: enjoying my summer break, going back to school for a 4-week summer class (currently in session), and enjoying the new HGTV shows, Home by Novagratz, and Season 6 of Design Star!! (If you haven't started watching it.....START!) Oh yeah, and wheelin' and dealin' on Craigslist :)

So this is the headboard I purchased 2 years ago from Craigslist, of course.

I liked the shape and style of it but as the room started coming together I decided I wanted a more substantial bed or a taller headboard. Two days after finalizing this decision, the headboard was posted on Craigslist and a few days later it was sold to the sweetest girl who was ecstatic to purchase it :) Then I spent another month debating about whether to buy another bed I found on Craigslist. After throwing out a few offers and checking the posting nearly every day I finally bought this king size bed frame. (Pics are from seller's craigslist posting).

Okay so before you start forming opinions, know that the rounded headboard is no more. It is gone, 
annihilated, destroyed. I just wasn't feeling it and thankfully neither was Lucas.
I either want to frame out a taller, more sculptural headboard, or leave it as a four poster platform and hang a sunburst mirror at the head of the bed.

I do not have any after pictures yet because the bed is waiting to be sanded, primed, and painted with a color I have yet to choose. So feel free to leave comments. Any suggestions are appreciated! I actually want to paint it a pale greenish-blue hue but for some reason Lucas isn't inspired at all my inspiration picture. He can't stop focusing on the national geographic looking pictures. sigh.

So that is my current project. Oh and here is a breakdown of cost:

Old headboard (purchased 2 years ago): $60
Old headboard sold on Craiglist: $70    Buy low sell high! :)  I recognized a good value when I bought the headboard, and even though I planned on keeping it, I knew if I needed to sell it I could definitely make my money back. 
New bed: Originally listed for $165, purchased for $120    Don't be afraid to make an offer! ESPECIALLY when the listing says o.b.o.

So actually after selling my old heaboard I only paid $50 out of pocket for my new bed! Love a good deal like that. I'll be posting more about the status of my bed as I work on getting it beautiful for the bedroom :)