Monday, September 17, 2012

Shop like a boss to dress like one!

Today I was on duty monitoring the hallways during my conference hour. One of the seniors walked by and asked if I was a student! I'm pretty sure I gave him a weird look because all I was thinking was, "Do I dress like a high-schooler?! I think not! Seriously, the snake skin wedges I was rocking are totally not teenage garb, at all! 

So here's how to shop like a bauss! It is all about thrifting and shopping clearance. Seriously, I cannot rationalize spending full price on anything anymore! Not when I find deals like this. Take this Olive green belted shirt dress, for example. I found this brand new, with tags, at Goodwill for $5.99. It is super comfy, has adjustable sleeves, and the belt and collared neckline make it dressy enough to wear to work. This is probably one of my favorite dresses to wear because I always feel so put together and polished in it. 

Green Belted Dress via Goodwill, Merona (similar) |  Snakeskin wedges via JCP  | 

Then check out the adorable wedges I paired with it. These faux snakeskin wedges are a) ADORABLE!!, and b) perfect to wear all day at work. And I snagged them from the clearance rack at JCP for only $9!!

So for about $15 I got an entire outfit! Add some lavender nail polish and you're done! :)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Falling for yellow & teal

This week I decided to wear my gorgeous 5 inch leopard heels with my teal cropped pants and mustard yellow blouse. I was pretty proud of myself for putting together this outfit.

I don't like how the fabric on my knee looks stretched here. It's really not.

Mustard yellow blouse: Target |  Teal pants: Bar III via Macy's | Leopard heels: Liliana

Fast forward to me walking out the door, with both hands full, carrying a box of papers, and not looking at the ground in front of me.......That's when I stepped in a hole and literally collapsed!! I'm honestly laughing as I think about it, because it had to be pretty funny from Lucas' point of view since he was walking behind me. (Although he was kind enough to rush to my aid). So now I apparently have a "falling problem" and I probably won't live this one down for a while. 

Coincidentally, that same day in class one of my students asked if I'd ever fallen in my tall heels. I said, "Funny story about that....." Lol. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday best

I'm am so excited about this J.crew inspired outfit. My bubble necklace finally arrived in the mail on Friday, and I couldn't be more excited! I picked the color because I thought it was so versatile and I absolutely love that it is the perfect shade of Kelly Green. My sweater was an amazing find at Kohls, of all places. It's from the Lauren Conrad line. I love it! It is my granny chic sweater. Thankfully this weekend we had a little cold front come through and I finally had a chance to add some layers to my look. 

Navy sheath dress: Ross | Brown pumps: Mossimo | Open knit sweater via Kohls, Lauren Conrad line | Kelly Green necklace: amazing find on ebay

 I LOVE the combination of navy and green, but I also think this outfit would look great with a pink version of the necklace, as well. Navy and pink look so great together. (Hmmm, might have to buy the pink necklace now). 

I wore this outfit to church and received several compliments on the necklace. I really love it. I think it just makes the whole outfit!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Labor Day at the park

Woke up to another beautiful, sunny day in Mesquite. I still had a few grades I needed to input but decided to take advantage of the morning by taking a walk at the park with Lucas and the puppies.

Lucy was happy enough just rolling in the grass but Grover was obsessed with the ducks! I wish I'd caught his initial reaction on video. We let him off his leash and he charged straight at the ducks, and when they ran into the water and swam away, Grover dove right in after them and started swimming towards them. It was hilarious! The simple joys in life, right?

Lol. Love that you can see him swimming in this picture. He was on a mission!