Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pottery Barn vs Goodwill

It is hot, hot, HOT over here in Texas. This weather calls for sipping some ice cold lemonade or sweet tea from what better than a mason jar! I love these jars from Pottery Barn. They are so classic and at $24 for 6 not too badly priced. But..........then I found these great mason jar glasses at Goodwill for 49¢ each! I only found 4 but I am keeping a lookout for more to add to my collection. And just to compare, the only difference I can see between these glasses is the image on the front: PB has a rooster on the front while my glasses have a cornucopia. Other than that they have the exact same dimensions...I measured :)

my Goodwill steal

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I Like Big Butts!

Haha, my mom is going to gasp when she sees this title. It's okay, Mom. It's just a little lyrical humor going on. But seriously, you are going to think I have really lost it. So it is no secret I am totally on board, over the edge, full-throttle in love with the whole faux taxidermy design thing. I love it! Case in point, my gorgeous deer "Carlos" who know resides over my televisiĆ³n. Here he is the first day we met. It was love at first sight.

Now that I have my deer head, naturally I am looking to expand my horizons. Next on the agenda, a rhino head! Okay this next line will probably come as a shock to many of you, but it is times like this that make me want a young' I can decorate his room all boyish and stuff. And a rhino head would be just the thing for a little man's dwelling. But anywho, while having rhinos on the brain, I came across these images while visiting the blog Timmy the Wienerdog. The pictures are from the book, Survivors: A New Vision of Endangered Wildlife. I totally have to steal her idea (and I am borrowing her pics), but I think I will have to buy this book to tear out the pictures and frame them.

 It's a rhino butt!

How hilarious is that first image! And who doesn't love a little pink flamingo? I think these would be awesome in the main bathroom. Am I crazy for loving this rhino butt? I mean, it is a rhino butt!! Hilarious! I am already amazoning this as we speak! I am certain there have got to be even more fab pics in there. I am pretty sure you are all going to want to purchase this book to frame some of these pictures so here is the link where you can get it for $0.77 plus like $3.99 shipping. I mean you can't really beat that deal for multiple images you can frame, right? I think in some nice black frames with matting these can be fabulous. Please tell me if I have lost my mind :)