Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Visit from friends

We'd only been in Mesquite for about a week when some good friends of ours from Mississippi dropped in for a visit. The crazy thing is that we hadn't seen them in 5 years! And within a week of moving here, they just happened to be visiting friends in the area, so they made sure to drop by our place on their way back home. We were so excited to see them! Ike and I were actually both Farsi linguists in the Air Force and were stationed together in Monterey, Ca, and then Augusta, Ga. I met Brandy when she and Ike started dating and she moved to Georgia to be closer to him. Actually I take that back. I met Brandy, originally at Ike's house when they were "just friends." Lol. Then she became my roommate in Georgia, while Ike shared a house with Lucas and a few other guys.

Here's a picture from the 2006 Air Force Ball. Still funny to me that Lucas and I weren't officially dating at that time but of course we were each other's dates. And this is when Brandy said she needed a roommate and I said, "YaY!!! You can be mine!" Or something to that extent. I'm pretty sure there was squealing and jumping up and down. I mean, we are girls. 


Halloween 2006. Cowboy & Saloon Girl, and Dorothy & the Scarecrow. 

We've had so much fun, and shared such great memories with these guys over the years. We attended church together, went camping together, visited the South Carolina state fair, and got engaged about the same time.

We're so glad we got to visit with them. This was the first time we'd all hung out as old married couples. :)
It was like no time had passed! And seriously, these two are adorable! Brandy, we are still laughing about how y'all turn down the air to 65° at night and it's so cold that you sometimes have to use a heater in the morning....during the summer!! We're gonna have to make a trip to Mississippi soon so we don't go another 5 years without seeing each other. 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Tax Free Weekend Rocks!

For some reason I thought that "tax-free weekend" only extended to school supplies. Which is why Lucas and I cleared out 125 spiral notebooks from Walmart this morning. Seriously! At 17¢ a piece, we made out like bandits! But anyways, apparently it applies to clothing and shoes as well!

I found these adorable pumps from ASOS marked down from $37.47, to only $11.92! And that is literally all that I paid. I couldn't be more excited!

I love the black, floral pattern on the shoes! I've been wanting to try this look pretty much ever since I saw Olivia mixing floral and leopard prints, making it look uhh-mazing. 

I love her style! I doubt I'll be trying anything that adventurous but I am so excited about my floral print heels and I am definitely planning on wearing them with some cute cropped pants. What a steal! 

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Clothes shopping

With temperatures over 100ยบ every day, I am pining for Fall......and new clothes!

source                                                                                                 source 

I am IN LOVE with these lace-up over-the-knee boots. The ones on the right are Emilio Pucci but Victoria's Secret is selling a Colin Stuart look-alike that I am obsessed with. The price is $228 though and I am having a hard time justifying this purchase. But seriously, how gorgeous are they? And I can totally envision myself wearing them with this Camilla fitted dress with ruffled hem, by Reis.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to end up buying this little dress. I can even wear with a blazer or leather jacket for chillier weather. Isn't it so cute?! Just perfect!

And look at these shoes I have on my watch list on ebay. Love!!

They're from the House of Harlow line. There's still 4 days left to bid so I'll keep an eye on them. 

I wish I had someone to get more excited about clothes with me. Lucas tries, but he's not the greatest girlfriend. Although he has agreed to a Hunger Games party/dinner when it comes out on video and we watch for the first time. I suspect he's really just in it for the food. Lol. Next on my list: make new friends here in Dallas :)