Sunday, September 11, 2011

Clock to Cloche: Before & After

Maybe it started with Beauty and the Beast (which happens to be my favorite disney princess movie), but I am really drawn to glass cloches. Hmm, come to think of it I also love libraries, french design, and tall, hairy men. Haha, kidding about the hair, but tall guys are definitely hott :)

                                                               1920s French Glass Cloches

I saw these these cloches at Restoration Hardware and had an idea. After a little searching here's what I found at goodwill for $2.99.                                          

Not cute. The saleslady reminded me that there was no guarantee the clock was working, and it could not be returned. Little did she know this tweety was about to be ransacked and completely put out of commission after I was done with it.

I painted the base with a left over can of white spray paint and cleaned up the glass. I am not completely sold on the white base w/my black and white wedding cake topper but so far I love the overall look.

And here it is on top of my kitchen cabinets.

I'm loving it!


  1. Love it!!! you are full of great ideas!

  2. I think it would look amazing if you painted the base of the cloche navy blue. It's really cute though :)

  3. Thanks guys! And I love the idea of a navy base. Good idea, Bethany :)