Sunday, September 4, 2011

It's football season!

Yesterday we were at the event to be at; the inaugural football game for University of Texas, San Antonio. And although I am not a roadrunner, I did support my husband's school by cheering on the team and celebrating as they made history. There may also be some footage of me throwing roadrunner signs, haha, but what can I say, it was a good time to be had.....well, once we made it inside the alamodome and escaped the 100 deg weather. Yikes. And yes I kind of had a meltdown (lol). But it was all good once we made it in the stadium.

gathering to welcome the football players

 Oh yeah, and we, err UTSA, had a record breaking opening game ticket sale. The previous inaugural game attendance record was 49,212. For Saturday's game there were 56,743 people who showed up to the game! It was insane!

We had front row seats in the student section right behind the goal post. Fun during the game. Not so much afterwards when the crowd decided to rush the field. Yeah, talk about crazy. 

Winners!! UTSA dominated Northeastern State case you were wondering :)

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