Friday, July 29, 2011

Extreme Frugaling San Antonio Edition

So in the spirit of saving, I decided to post some of my favorite recent finds on Craigslist for any San Antonians (or surrounding area ppl) who are looking for a deal.

Geometric king headboard- $20!

It totally reminds me of the West Elm window headboard which retails at $299.00 for a King. It just needs a fresh coat of paint and a gorgeous duvet.

Are you seeing it now?

Next is this wingback sofa for $40!! I know the picture isn't great but I can only imagine the potential! And just for anyone interested, I already texted the seller and he said it is about 7 ft long and very sturdy. Unfortunately for me it is too long as I was hoping for a loveseat sized sofa for my office :( Bummer.
Although, I am still debtating about getting it to have reupholstered for my living room but we are already have living room sofas and I don't think Lucas will go for me just keeping it in the garage for a future  house :(

Okay here's how I see this sofa after being reupholstered.

img source

Swoon. Is it wrong to hoard furniture? I am now thinking I am in love w/this couch! Anyone know how much it would cost to upholster a piece like this?

White armoire $50


Again, not the greatest pictures, but how adorable is this armoire w/the little feet? And it looks like it could hold a small TV or you could remove the shelf and put in a bar to hang clothes in a children's room. I could see this in a little girl's room crammed full of princess dresses. 

So there you have it. Hope you are inspired to look at the potential in second hand pieces. Now go forth and be frugal!

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