Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thriftaholic for Life!

I have to share my amazing finds this week from Goodwill. Usually I stop by goodwill several times a week during my lunch break at work. It's close, convenient, and I am addicted to thrifting so what more can I say?

Here's how my last visit went. I was making a beeline for the furniture section and passing the clothing area on my left when I saw a pair of shorts sticking out like someone had tried to jam the hanger back on the rack but didn't quite accomplish that. They were adorable, fit like a dream, and I'm pretty sure I heard birds singing in the background...........Okay here's what really happened. They were a perfect fit, buuutttt, they wouldn't quite button up. But after some wheezing, gasping, and gut sucking in, I got them to close! And THEN they fit like a dream :) But here's the thing, the longer I wear them the more comfortable they get, so I think they just needed to be broken in a little. And to be honest the only reason they were a little snug is because the shorts are low-waisted so they sit on my hips vs my waist. But let's be honest, how many of you guys have to do some serious breathing techniques to get your jeans on? I can't be the only one :)

Okay but this post is not about miracle jean shorts that fit better the longer I wear them :)  This is about finding uhhh-mazing deals that will blow your mind. Here's a breakdown of what I purchased at Goodwill:

  • miracle jean shorts
  • decorative shoe box (w/the metal label holder)
  • 2 framed and matted prints

How cute are these? Found them for my best friend's nursery.

Now first of all, Goodwill does not label prices on most clothing because there is a huge sign hanging from the ceiling that lists the prices. In this case, shorts, skirts and bottoms are priced at $2.99. The decorate shoe box had a price sticker of 49¢ and the 2 framed pictures were unmarked. Ughh. I know nice framed pictures can go for about $4-5 each and these were brand new with remnants from the original store price sticker on the glass. From experience I know Goodwill tends to price brand new merchandise closer towards retail cost.'s where it pays to be friendly to the Goodwill employees. José, who has rang up my purchases ony my last few visits, was at the counter when I got there. Thank goodness! I don't know what kind of senior discount, blue-tag special he was running but he glances at the pictures and says, “How about 49¢?” This is where I start stammering, flinging my money at him and trying to grab my goods before the Goodwill police realize I am practically stealing from them and have me thrown in Goodwill prison.

So yes, I know you may not believe it, (I have checked my receipt countless times) but somehow I walked out of that store paying a grand total of $2.13!! That's right, I paid 49¢ for each item. And that, my friends, is why I am addicted to thrifting. 

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